How You See Me - Aydrea Walden

“Fourth grade was the year that I learned that I was black, and it was a huge surprise to me.... I had no idea and I didn’t know that people had opinions on that or that it sometimes mattered.”

Photo by Eli Goldstein

How You See Me

In this hour, stories of how we see ourselves, the perceptions of others, and the often gaping chasm in between. The struggle to prove oneself, challenge a stereotype, keep up appearances, and finally discover what really fits. This hour is hosted by Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media, the producer of this show.

Enrique García Naranjo is stopped by border patrol.

Aydrea Walden realizes her classmates see her differently.

Miles Crabtree tries out for his school's production of "How the West Was Won."

Kimberly Rose sees herself disappearing in her marriage.

Jessi Klein lands what she thinks is her dream job.

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