Hope and Glory - Franny Civitano

“Only about 1% of the American population serve in the armed forces, and for me that was a kind of loneliness that I had no idea to expect until I was in it.”

Photo by Jason Falchook

Hope and Glory

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In this hour, four stories of determination, hope and battling for both survival and respect. From bootcamp in Fort Bragg to base camp in Kirkuk, Iraq; from the front lines to the home front. Hosted by The Moth's Senior Director, Meg Bowles. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Jill Morgenthaler battles to earn the respect of her fellow soldiers.

Dylan Park finds hope in the chaos of war.

Franny Civitano anxiously awaits her brother’s return from deployment in Afghanistan.

Jerry Neal describes a bird’s eye view of the English Channel on D Day.

Extras From This Episode

Jill Morgenthaler

Mrh 1820 Jill Morgenthaler Extra 1

Jill and her fellow female cadets.

Franny Civitano

Mrh 1820 Franny Civitano Extra 1

Franny and John in 1991.

Mrh 1820 Franny Civitano Extra 2

Franny and John during John's basic training.

Jerry Neal

Mrh 1820 Jerome Neal Extra 4

Jerome Neal as an AAF Aviation Cadet.

Mrh 1820 Jerome Neal Extra 2

Jerome Neal as a ROTC cadet.