GrandSLAMs Coast to Coast - Vivienne Andersen

“If I’m about to meet my doom, I’m going to have a snack first.”

Photo by Ryan Blomquest

GrandSLAMs Coast to Coast

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In this hour, Moth GrandSLAM stories from around the country. PTSD, a trans teen, college, eBay, prison, eye contact and the emergency room. Hosted by The Moth’s Senior Producer, Jenifer Hixson. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Fred Johnson is a soldier who won’t admit that he has PTSD.

Vivienne Anderson is a trans teen.

Pam Burrell is a college student who volunteers at a prison.

Steve Zimmer gets into a highstakes eBay bidding war.

Tony Cyprien spends 26 years in prison.

Pam Colby connects with her family in the midwest.

Bess Stillman is an ER doc who has to deal with multiple gunshot wounds.

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Stories in this Episode

A Hard Truth

by Fred Johnson

When I walked out of the Jeffersonville City jail, I knew one thing for certain. My wife was going to be pissed.

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I Don’t Have To

by Vivienne Andersen

Vivienne Anderson is a trans teen.

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My Unlikely Brothers

by Pam Burrell

Pamela Burrell is a college student who volunteers at a prison.

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To Bid or Not to Bid

by Steve Zimmer

Steve Zimmer gets into a high stakes ebay bidding war.

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Bullshit Repellant

by Tony Cyprien

Tony Cyprien spends 26 years in prison.

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Grandma’s Ghosts

by Pam Colby

Pam Colby connects with her grandmother in Minneapolis.

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How to Say It

by Bess Stillman

Bess Stillman is an ER doc whose patient has multiple gunshot wounds.

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Extras From This Episode

Pam Burrell Radio Extra

Pam Burrell in her intramural girls football team.

Pam Colby Radio Extra 2

Pam Colby, when she was pregnant in 1991.

Pam Colby Radio Extra 1

Pam Colby's grandmother and her son.