Moth Eaten: Adventures in Food - David Chang In The Kitchen

“There’s no real ethnic boundaries to what we serve. We just want to serve something that’s delicious.”

Moth Eaten: Adventures in Food

A special live edition of The Moth at Cooper Union in NYC, "Moth Eaten: Adventures in Food". Best-selling author Adam Gopnik and his wife have an ongoing battle about the proper way to cook meat; celebrity chef David Chang shares his anxiety about receiving, and possibly losing, Michelin Stars; comedian Lisa Lampanelli tells about her hilarious and moving stint at a fitness camp. Hosted by Moth Radio Hour Producer Jay Allison. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media. 

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Stories in this Episode

Rare Romance, Well-Done Marriage

by Adam Gopnik

A husband and wife's ongoing argument comes to a head.

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Star Custodian

by David Chang

A chef details cooking a high-stakes meal.

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Fat Girl, Interrupted

by Lisa Lampanelli

Battling with her weight and relationship, a woman is forced to make a bold decision.

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Extras From This Episode

Adam Gopnik

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Adam, 3, with his grandfather, Ellis Gopnik and sister, Alison Gopnik, 5. The photo was taken in February of 1960 by Adam’s mother, Myrna Gopnik.

Adam Gopnik, 23, and his wife Martha Parker, 22, on their wedding day August 15, 1981. Photos taken by Blake Gopnik, Adam’s brother.

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David Chang

David Chang In The Kitchen

David Chang in Ko’s kitchen. Photo credit: Gabriele Stabile.

Lisa Lampanelli


Lisa and Frank D’Amico.


Lisa and Frank D'Amico. Photos courtesy of Lisa Lampanelli.

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