Chinatown, Hot Dogs and Genetics - Paul Nurse Hoffman

Photo by Peter Foley

Chinatown, Hot Dogs and Genetics

Geneticist Paul Nurse, a Nobel Laureate, learns the truth about his origins; a nine-alarm blaze in Boston's Chinatown teaches a daughter about her father's wisdom; and a cop's misadventures during a stakeout.

Stories in this Episode

Discussing Family Trees in School Can Be Dangerous

by Paul Nurse

When applying for a green card a professor of genetics discovers a family secret. 

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A Kind of Wisdom

by Ellie Lee

A daughter tells the story of her Chinese immigrant father and the empire he built from nothing.

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The Stakeout

by Steve Osborne

A classic stakeout takes an unexpected turn when a guy panics.

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Alternate Ithaca Tom

by Tom Weiser

Dreams of what might have been plague a man during a road trip.

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Ellie Lee

A Chinatown fire brings a family and community together.

Elliecoat Cropped 465X583

A few minutes into her story, Ellie holds up a picture of her in her coat. Photo courtesy Ellie Lee.

Steve Osborne

A NYPD officer mistakes a dentist for a bank robber.

Steveosbornepicture 465X348

A photo of Steve and a friend. Photo courtesy Steve Osborne.

Tom Weiser

A man imagines what his life might have been had he made some different decisions.

Tomphoto 465X306

Tom at the camp mentioned in the story. Photo courtesy Tom Weiser.

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