Breasts, Burials, and Cake - Greg Walloch

“May I feel like I feel when I'm about to eat cake.”

Photo by William B. Plowman

Breasts, Burials, and Cake

After losing her mother to breast cancer, a woman must make a tough decision; an undertaker explains how he was called to the job as a kid; and a young man tries to console a friend who had her heart broken by an Elvis Impersonator. Hosted by Producing Director, Sarah Austin Jenness. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

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Stories in this Episode

Fighting Chance

by Amy Cohen

Amy Cohen knows that breast cancer took her mother’s life and must make a choice.

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About To Eat Cake

by Greg Walloch

Greg Walloch goes to a faith healer in Georgia.

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by Isaiah Owens

Isaiah Owens feels that he was born to be a funeral director but finds some obstacles along the way.

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Extras From This Episode

Greg Walloch Radio Extra

Greg Walloch

Check out the book The Travellers about Isiah’s work at his funeral home. Also Isaiah was the subject of a film called Homegoings, from the PBS documentary series, POV.

Homegoings 04

Isaiah Owens outside Owens Funeral Home. Photo by Marshall Stief, courtesy of Homegoings.

Homegoings 02

Isaiah Owens. Photo by Marshall Stief, courtesy of Homegoings.