Birds of a Feather - Dame Wilburn 2

“Another way that you know that we're unprepared to be chicken farmers is that my wife built their coop out of butcher block from Ikea.”

Birds of a Feather

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Let the feathers fly! This week, a special avian hour. Stories from a Ravenmaster, a scientist, and a reluctant chicken farmer about the birds that made them as happy as a lark or as crazy as a loon. This episode is hosted by The Moth's Artistic Director, Catherine Burns, and her parrot, Hamilton. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

The Ravenmaster at the Tower of London, Christopher Skaife, has a tough first day.

Dame Wilburn and her wife decide to raise chickens in Detroit.

Research scientist Irene Pepperburg forms a 30-year bond with a parrot named Alex.

Extras From This Episode

Birds of a Feather extras

Catherine Burns

Catherine's bird Hamilton rolls off the bed.

Christopher Skaife

Mrh2102 Christopher Skaife Extra 1

Christopher and one of the Tower's ravens.

Dame Wilburn

Mrh2102 Dame Wilburn Extra 1

Dame and Waffles.

Mrh2102 Dame Wilburn Extra 2

Dame's new chicken, Waffles.

Irene Pepperburg

Mrh2102 Irene Pepperburg Extra 4

Alex the parrot.

Mrh2102 Irene Pepperburg Extra 1

Irene and Alex.

Mrh2102 Irene Pepperburg Extra 2

Alex learning numbers.

Mrh2102 Irene Pepperburg Extra 3

Alex making comparisons.

All photos courtesy of The Alex Foundation.

The music in this story

  • The Drift - Uncanny Valley
  • Blue Dot Sessions - Dusting
  • Blue Dot Sessions - Donalee
  • Blue Dot Sessions - Scratcher
  • Carla Kihlstedt & Dan Rathbun & Matthias Bossi - Sticks and Paper