Adolescence and Agony - Adam Wade

Photo by Matt Cosby

Adolescence and Agony

A teenage boy has a standing Saturday night date with his grandma, a quest for a perfect first kiss, a young woman worries when her mother intercepts a romantic letter, a teen faces a wild buck in the woods and a middle school mystery involving a treasured pencil case.

Stories in this Episode

Another Saturday Night at The Clam King

by Adam Wade

Adam Wade is an awkward teen who spends every weekend with his adoring grandma and her sister.

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First Kiss

by Eve Engel

Eve Engel hopes to get her first kiss while on a Jewish heritage trip. 

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The Secret Letter

by Paola Ayala

Paola is worried about her family's reaction when they find out she is gay.

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Is Your Dad Single?

by Erin Barker

A teenager adjusts to life with new step-siblings.

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The Deer & I

by Morgan Laketa

Morgan Laketa is alone and on a barefoot nature walk when she happens upon a buck.

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The Case of the Pencil Case

by Steve Zimmer

Steve Zimmer investigates the disappearance of a pencil case with nerdy, teenage vigor. 

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Extras From This Episode

Adam Yiayia Arety 465X353

Adam Wade with his grandmother and great-aunt.

Eve Engel Radio Exra

Eve Engel (L) and a friend at camp on her birthday.

Eve Engel Radio Extra 2

Eve Engel on her birthday in the gazebo.

Paola Ayala Radio Extra

Paola Ayala (back row) and her family.

Paola Ayala Radio Extra 2

Paola and the girl in Europe.

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