A Nobel Path - Roald Hoffman

“There was this tremendous love around me even as there was this terrible danger out there.”

Photo by Sarah Stacke

A Nobel Path

A special celebration from the world of science, from the 8th grade science fair to the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden. 

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Stories in this Episode

Ralph Was Right

by Sarah Schlesinger

Immunologist Sarah Schlesinger must try to save her mentor's life with his own work in cellular immunity.

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The Princess and the Queen

by Robin Frankel

Robin Frankel attends the Nobel Ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden as the guest of a Nobel Laureate.

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Soft Science?

by Deirdre Bowen

Deirdre Bowen tells a story of competing in her school’s science fair and her struggles to impress her scientist father.

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Cocoon of Love

by Roald Hoffmann

A renowned scientist remembers his family's struggle for survival during the Holocaust. This story was produced in collaboration with the World Science Festival.

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Extras From This Episode

Robin Frankel Radio Extra

The Queen of Sweden with Robin's mother-in-law and Bob, the Nobel laureate

Robin Frankel Radio Extra 2

Bob's Nobel Prize

Robin Frankel Radio Extra 3

A newspaper article announcing the winning of the Nobel Prize.

Deirdre Bowen Radio Extra

Young Deirdre Bowen

Roald Hoffman Radio Extra 1

A classroom, taught in Yiddish in a Displaced Persons Camp in Linz, Austria around 1946. Roald is 2 nd from left first row.

Roald Hoffman Radio Extra 2

Roald, mother and stepfather Paul Hoffmann, 1947

Roald Hoffman Radio Extra 3

Roald and a cousin 1949, just after coming to US.

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