A Divorcee, A Freedom Rider, and New Mother - Cindy Chupack

Photo by Eli Goldstein

A Divorcee, A Freedom Rider, and New Mother

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On the cusp of a new marriage, a woman must first revisit her divorce; a Freedom Rider shares details of a harrowing night in jail during the Civil Rights movement; an unexpected second pregnancy puts pressure on an already difficult marriage.

Stories in this Episode

The Get

by Cindy Chupack

Cindy Chupack has to get an official divorce from a rabbi before she can remarry.

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I Want To Be A Freedom Rider

by Sala Udin

Sala Udin, a Freedom Rider, is captured by the Mississippi Highway Patrol and almost loses his life.

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Coming To Term

by Rebecca Nesson

Rebecca Nesson's difficult second pregnancy has consequences for her marriage.

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Extras From This Episode

Kasisi Sala Udin Copy

Sala Udin in 1966.

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  • The Drift - Uncanny Valley
  • Regina Carter - I’m Going Home
  • Bill Friselle - A Change is Gonna Come
  • Felix Laband - Single Light
  • Roberto Sierra - Bocetos No. 2 Cancion del Campo