Truth and Power: Global Stories of Women

Betty Reid Soskin

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Betty in her role as a park ranger at Rosie the Riveter National Park.

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The "Iron Woman" mug Betty's colleagues gave her when they heard this story of hers.

Betty's autobiography, Sign My Name To Freedom, can be ordered at

and her Little Village Foundation spoken word album, A Lifetime of Being Betty is available at

Learn more about Betty's story in The MOTHerview with storyteller Betty Reid Soskin.

Timothy Bell

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Tim and his mom all grown up. "This was just one of our infrequent visits together. I think we were on our way to dinner."

Mrh2013 ​ Timothy Bell​​ Extra 2

Tim at age 6 in his mom's lap at a birthday party. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles nurtured my love of pizza which persists to today. We moved around a whole bunch so I can't be certain but I believe that we were in TX at the time."

Musih Tedji Xaviere

Mrh2013 ​ Musih Tedji Xaviere​​ Extra 1

Musih Tedji Xaviere and her first published novel Fabiola.

Nya Abernathy

Nya's book, "Welcome Wonder

In the cadence of a season - 3 lunar cycles - Nya guides you on a slow journey with daily reflections through practices that help you to notice and welcome the wonder that is readily available and all around.

Mrh2013 ​ Nya Abernathy​ Extra 1

Nya and her daughter on Mother's Day, 2019.

Mrh2013 ​ Nya Abernathy​ Extra 2

Nya's son.

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Truth and Power: Global Stories of Women

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In this hour, stories of female strength and empowerment. Independence at any age, refusing to participate in sexist societal conventions, and the complicated layers of motherhood. This hour is hosted by The Moth's Executive Producer, Sarah Austin Jenness. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

95 year old park ranger Betty Reid Soskin squares off with an intruder.

Purity Kagwiria chooses a name for herself. 

Timothy Bell discovers that there are more layers to his mother than meets the eye. 

Musih Tedji Xaviere attempts to get her first novel published. 

Nya Abernathy discovers who gets lied to the most: pregnant women!

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