Thrill Seekers, Wanderlust, and an Italian Stallion Extras

Janice Bartley

Janice Bartley MRH 1818 Extra 1

Janice and her soon-to-be husband, her "boo baby."

Mack Dryden

Mack Dyrden MRH 1818 Extra 1

Dryden Family on Vacation, Circa 1961.

Brian Gavagan

Brian Gavagan MRH 1818 Extra 1

An image of the Brian Gavagan's helicopter crash from Rocky Mountain News.

Brian Gavagan MRH 1818 Extra 2

Brian Gavagan riding with bike lights. Photograph Courtesy of Charlie Becker, 2017

Brian Gavagan MRH 1818 Extra 3

Brian Gavagan and his family.

Brian Gavagan MRH 1818 Extra 4

Photograph courtesy of Brian Gavagan.

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Thrill Seekers, Wanderlust, and an Italian Stallion

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In this episode we share five adventure stories. A flat world gets some much needed dimension; an adrenaline junkie gets his fill; and a woman falls in love with an Italian Stallion. Those stories and more hosted by Sarah Austin Jenness, The Moth’s Executive Producer. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Mack Dryden leaves the flat marshes of Mississippi to stand atop the world.

Janice Bartley experiences the thrill and complications of first love.

Brian Gavagan trades his BMX for a helicopter for a day.

Lex Jade embraces the natural beauty of the wild.

Lucy yearns for the open road.

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