Matters of the Heart Extras

Kristy Hawkins

Adam Marcus And Kristy In Her Turtleneck

Adam, Marcus, and Kristy in her turtleneck.

Teenage Kristy

Teenage Kristy.

Kristy And Marcus In High School

Kristy and Marcus in high school.

Ryan Marcus And Adam In High School

Ryan, Marcus, and Adam in high school.

Kristy Hawkins More Recently

Kristy more recently.

Niall Ashdown

15 Year Old Niall With Polly The Kitten

15 year old Niall with Polly, the kitten.

Niall And His Father At Nialls Graduation In 1986

Niall and his father at Niall's graduation in 1986.

Niall Birdwatching On The Farne Islands  The Photo Was Taken By Nialls Father

Niall birdwatching on the Farne Island. The photo was taken by Niall's father.

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Matters of the Heart

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In this hour, stories of love—passions, parents, and dating apps. A woman swipes for a second chance, a little girl finds her calling, and fathers find ways to relate to their children. This episode is hosted by Moth Director Meg Bowles. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Kristy Hawkins thumbs her way through the prospects of love.
Kemp Powers is convinced he will never be a good dad.
Niall Ashdown and his father bond over their love of birds. 
Esther McManus keeps the baking tradition alive. 

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