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Jacoby Cochran

1  Jacoby Right With Family On A Trip Home To The Skating Rink

Jacoby (right) with family on a trip home to the skating rink.

2  Rich City Skate

Rich City Skate.

3  The Stuff Shot At Rich City Skate

The stuff shot at Rich City Skate.

Holly Thompson

Holly On The Golf Course

Holly on the golf course.

Leah Haydock

The Strozzapreti From Sportello That Leah Ate  Leah Later Started Doing Food Photography For Them As Well So This Photo Is Taken By Her

The strozzapreti from Sportello that Leah ate. Leah later started doing food photography for them as well so this photo is taken by her.

Marguerite Maria Rivas

1  The Polaroid Of Marguerite Center Jayme And Miranda The Day Of Their Visit

The polaroid of Marguerite (center), Jayme, and Miranda on the day of their visit.

2  A Bouquet Gathered From The Staten Island Woods That Marguerite Took To Marias Grave

A bouquet gathered from the Staten Island woods that Marguerite took to Maria's grave.

3  Marguerite On Her Wedding Day With Jayme

Marguerite on her wedding day with Jayme.

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Location, Location, Location

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In this hour, stories of the places that leave a lasting impression. A skating rink, a golf course, a restaurant, and a cemetery. This episode is hosted by Moth director Chloe Salmon. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Jacoby Cochran and his family build a home at Rich City Skate. 

Holly Thompson and her grandfather share a love of golf.

After a turbulent history in online dating, Leah Haydock finds solace in pasta.

Marguerite Maria Rivas searches for her daughter's grave. 

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