Life's a Mystery - Suki Kim

“I didn’t want to wait for North Korea’s permission to tell North Korea’s truth.”

Photo by Victoria Baldwin

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This episode of The Moth Radio Hour explores the many mysteries of life: A tree that bears a magical harvest, a hunt for apartment justice, a journalist undercover in North Korea, and more. This episode is hosted by Moth Director Chloe Salmon. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

A shady apartment deal has Michele Castellano channeling her inner Nancy Drew.
The child of a working mom, Alexandra Rosas struggles with saying goodbye.
As a kid, Annie Share wonders about the mysterious, magical tree in her backyard.
One very special penny has the potential to change the lives of Adam Bottner and his son. 
Suki Kim is a journalist who risks her life posing as a teacher in an elite North Korean school.

Life's a Mystery

Michele Castellano


The apartment Michele ended up renting after the Craigslist debacle.


Michele at her internship, she says, appropriately wearing a sweater that says "Help."


Michele Castellano on her way to her internship.

Alexandra Rosas


Alexandra and her mother along the bluffs of Lake Michigan. Alexandra says that not even a cheap camera phone could ruin the beauty of this day.

Annie Share


Annie Share and her brother with the Gumdrop Tree.


Annie and her tree.

Annie Share And Her Brother

Annie and her brother.