Airdate: 5/15/20

All Together Now: Fridays with The Moth - Annalise Raziq & Wilson Portorreal extras

May's stories are all about Identity.

Who are you, really? How do you define yourself? Who do you surround yourself with? How are you coping right now?

If you want to talk about these stories with your friends or family, here are some possible questions for discussion:

  • The theme for the SLAM the night Annalise told her story was GIFTED. What’s your favorite gift or special talent?

  • What’s something an animal has helped you discover about yourself?

If you want to tell stories of your own, here are some starting points: 

  • Have you ever had a memorable moment with an animal?

  • Have you ever made a mistake that had calamitous consequences?

Annalise Raziq

Mp650 Annalise Raziq Extra 2

Orbit and Kay, Annalise's daughter.

Mp650 Annalise Raziq Extra 3

Orbit and Kay and Annalise.

Mp650 Annalise Raziq Extra 4

Orbit and Kay and Annalise's mother.

Mp650 Annalise Raziq Extra 1

Orbit and his cow.

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All Together Now: Fridays with The Moth - Annalise Raziq & Wilson Portorreal

by Moth Podcast

All Together Now: Fridays with The Moth is a new weekly addition to our podcast, featuring stories suitable for ears of all ages. We'll also be sharing special prompts and questions to go with these stories to spark conversations - and hopefully stories of your own. Gather your friends and families whether they're near or far, to come together virtually every Friday with The Moth.

On this week's episode, we kick off May's theme "Identity." with two stories about what our pets can teach us about ourselves.

Hosted by Catherine Burns

Storytellers: Annalise Raziq & Wilson Portorreal

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