After the Fall Extras

Samuel Blackman

Samuel Right As A Child During Chanukah

Samuel (right) as a child during Chanukah.

Samuel At His Bar Mitzvah

Samuel at his Bar Mitzvah.

Samuel At His Bar Mitzvah 2

Samuel at his Bar Mitzvah.

Samuel Telling A Story At A Moth Grand Slam

Samuel Telling a Story at a Moth GrandSLAM.

1 Bill And His Daughter Paige In 1992 At The State Fair

Bill and his daughter Paige in 1992 at the State Fair.

2 Bills Wife Laurie And Paige In 1991

Bill's wife Laurie and Paige in 1991.

3 Bill And Laurie In 2022

Bill and Laurie in 2022.

Betsy Lamberson

1 A Newspaper Clipping From Betsys Family In The Wake Of The Bombing

A newspaper clipping from Betsy's family in the wake of the bombing.

2 The Newspaper Betsy Picked Up At Whole Foods On July 4Th

The newspaper Betsy picked up at Whole Foods on July 4th.

3  Which Featured A Story About Her Father So While The Woman Was Driving Her To Safety She Was Able To Point To The Newspaper And Say “And This Is My Dad” The Drivers Response “ Oh My God”

Which featured a story about her father so while the woman was driving her to safety, she was able to point to the newspaper and say "and this is my dad." The driver's response, "Oh my God."

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In this hour, stories of healing. Moving through loss, unexpected sources of comfort, and bonds forged in grief. This episode is hosted by Jay Allison, producer of this show. 

Betsy Lamberson's dream life abroad takes a tragic turn.

Teenage Samuel Blackman reconsiders his devotion to his faith.

Paige Cornwell finds solace at Victoria's Secret.

Amarantha Robinson finds a way to reframe a traumatic experience.

Esther Messe finds that her personal version of Simon Says if more than just a game.

An unimaginable loss changes the relationship between Bill Hall and his wife. 

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