A Point of Beauty Extras

Maniza Naqvi

1  Pioneer Book House

Pioneer Book House.

2  Maniza During The Renovation

Maniza during the renovation.

3  A Book Reading At Pioneer Book House

A book reading at Pioneer Book House.

Sunny Jacobs

To find out more about Sunny's work with The Sunny Center, click here. To find out more about Sunny''s case, click here.

Jitesh Jaggi

1  Jitesh And His Mom Before He Left India

Jitesh and his mom before he left India.

2  Jitesh Enjoying Bhajiya He Successfully Cooked

Jitesh enjoying Bhajiya he successfully cooked.

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Maniza Naqvi travels across the world to help save a bookstore.

Michael Watson yearns to participate in the sports culture in his high school.

After her wrongful conviction, Sunny Jacobs tries to make a life for herself on death row.

Jitesh Jaggi tries to cure his homesickness with a family recipe. 

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