Veterans Day 2019: Rick Carrier - Rick Carrier

“My grandmother said, ‘If you want to survive this war, you gotta become the spirit of the snake. The snake can always see what’s coming... grab them before they grab you.’  So I said, ‘Snake I am.’”

Photo by Jason Falchook

Veterans Day 2019: Rick Carrier

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This week, we're honoring all of our veterans with a story from renaissance man, Rick Carrier, who tells us what it was like to be in the Army in the first wave of D-Day. The Moth would like to thank all of veterans for their service and sacrifice.

Hosted by: Dan Kennedy

Storyteller: Rick Carrier

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Veterans Day 2019: Rick Carrier

Rick Carrier

Rick in his uniform on the night he told this story.

Mp623 Rick Carrier Extra 1

"My Silent Battle" by Rick Carrier

Mp623 Rick Carrier Extra 2

An excerpt from Rick Carrier's obituary