The Moth Podcast: Funnybone - Jason Schommer By Brad Lester

“And I stood there and I thought to myself, 'oh my God, you cannot have the Ricky Martin dream tonight.'”

Photo by Brad Lester

The Moth Podcast: Funnybone

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On this episode, we're going to have a little fun with the human body. We’ve got two stories all about bones and funnybones.

Host: Michelle Jalowski


Jason Schommer takes a sleep study… and dreams of Ricky Martin.

Caroline Connolly learns a few unintended lessons from her mother.

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Extras From This Episode

The Moth Podcast: Funnybone Extras

Jason Schommer

Jason Schommers Tweet About Ricky Martin

Jason Schommer's tweet about Ricky Martin.

Ricky Martins Dm To Jason Schommer

Ricky Martin's dm to Jason Schommer.

A Copy Of Jason Schommers Sleep Chart Including The 13 Arousals

A copy of Jason Schommer's sleep chart including the 13 arousals.