Shortcuts: Lawrence Wood & Amanda Egge - Lawrence Wood

“There I saw a whole rack full of those yellow and black study guides called Cliff’s Notes... and I thought, 'Maybe I can go to the discussion.'”

Photo by Jerry Schulman

Shortcuts: Lawrence Wood & Amanda Egge

On this week’s episode, two stories about taking shortcuts: Lawrence Wood is too honest with his book club; Amanda Egge gets creative in rehab.

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Stories in this Episode

The Book Cheat

by Lawrence Wood

Lawrence Wood is too honest with his book club.

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Hitting Bottom

by Amanda Egge

Amanda Egge gets creative in rehab. 

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Extras From This Episode

Lawrence Wood

Three of Lawrence Wood's record-setting seven New Yorker's Cartoon Caption Contest winning entries:

Mp582 Lawrence Wood​​ Extra 3
Mp582 Lawrence Wood​​ Extra 2
Mp582 Lawrence Wood​​ Extra 1

Amanda Egge

Mp582 ​ Amanda Egge​ Extra 1

Amanda did finally get that trip to Hawaii in 2012 when her and her husband went on their honeymoon.

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