School’s Out! - Joanna Courteau

“All my neighbor kids were part of a group. All my classmates were part of a group. Everybody but me. And no matter how much they tried to get me, draw me out, I drew in.”

Photo by Liz Mackinder

School’s Out!

This week, two stories from school days just in time for summer vacation.

Hosted by: Dame Wilburn

Storytellers: Joanna Courteau, Gabe Mollica

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Stories in this Episode

Hermit No More

by Joanna Courteau​

Joanna Courteau was an outsider by choice until a near-death experience cracks open her bashful shell.

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Varsity Choir

by Gabe Mollica

Gabe Mollica wants to be a football player.

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Extras From This Episode

Joanna Courteau

Mp599 Joanna Courteau Extra 1

Joanna, who's now a social butterfly, surrounded by friends.

Gabe Mollica

Mp599 Gabe Mollica Extra 1

Gabe in the marching band.