Pride 2019: Celebrating Stonewall 50 - Richard Cardillo

“I was recently out of the closet and I was recently out of a Catholic monastery where for the last 14 years I was a monk with a vow of celibacy, so I was hot to trot.”

Photo by Jason Falchook

Pride 2019: Celebrating Stonewall 50

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This week, we have a special edition of The Moth Podcast, celebrating Pride Month and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. We wanted to include a broad range of voices and perspectives for this episode, so we have two Moth stories from LGBTQ storytellers, Richard Cardillo and Sonia Audi, and two interviews, one with Stonewall Veteran Martin Boyce, and one with poet and activist Kay Ulanday Barrett.

Hosted by: Dame Wilburn

Storytellers: Richard Cardillo, Sonia Audi

Interviewees: Martin Boyce, Kay Ulanday Barrett

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Stories in this Episode

An Interview With Martin Boyce

by Martin Boyce

Martin Boyce tells us about growing up as a young gay man in 1960’s NYC and what it was like moment the Stonewall Riots erupted.

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Take A Chance On Me

by Richard Cardillo

Richard decides whether to take a chance on love.

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by Sonia Audi

Sonia's teacher confronts them about their gender.

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An Interview With Kay Ulanday Barrett

by Kay Ulanday Barrett

Kay Ulanday Barrett tells us about their poetry and activism, and how they situate themselves in the legacy of Stonewall.

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Extras From This Episode

Martin Boyce

​Check out this clip from our interview with Martin Boyce, where he tells us all about the first Gay Pride Parade.

Richard Cardillo

Mp604 Richard Cardillo Extra 3

Richard and Peter right after they met.

Mp604 Richard Cardillo Extra 1

Richard and Peter on their 15th anniversary.

Mp604 Richard Cardillo Extra 2

Peter right after being released from the hospital after his first AIDS related complication.

Mp604 Richard Cardillo Extra 4

Richard Cardillo getting arrested at Trump Tower for civil disobedience.

Sonia Audi

Mp604 Sonia Audi Extra 1

Sonia (in the hat and sun glasses) and their fellow activists on Trans Day of Visibility 2019

Kay Ulanday Barrett

Check out more of our interview with Kay.

The activists named in this interview:

Sylvia Rivera - Sylvia Rivera was a Stonewall Veteran and activist, who fought tirelessly for the rights of trans people, people of color, low-income and homeless members of the lgbtq+ community, all groups who were purposely pushed out of early gay rights organizing. She helped found STAR - an effort to help house homeless trans people. Learn more about Sylvia here, here and here

Storme DeLarverie  - Storme was a Stonewall veteran and activist and rumored to be the person to throw the first punch and actually ignite the riots. As Kay mentions, she was most known for her community policing - walking along in the village making sure no one harassed members of the community. Learn more about Storme here, here and here.

Marsha P. Johnson - Marsha “Pay It No Mind” Johnson was a Stonewall veteran, an activist and performer. Along with Sylvia Rivera, she helped found STAR - an effort to help house homeless trans people - and was prominently involved in AIDS activism in the 80’s. She’s also credited with helping to ignite the Stonewall Riots. Learn more about Marsha, here, here and here

Tourmaline - Tourmaline is an activist and filmmaker, most known for her film “Happy Birthday, Marsha!,” which follows a fictionalized version of Marsha P. Johnson’s life, just hours before the Stonewall Riots took place. Tourmaline is also a model and a scholar. Learn more about Tourmaline and “Happy Birthday, Marsha!” here, here and here.

To learn more about how you can support the LGBTQ+ rights movement today, check out: