Hail Mary & Gethwana Mahlase - Gethwana Mahlase

“I had no office, no equipment, no computer, no chair, nothing. But I had something very powerful. I had the vision. I had the will. And I had the passion.”

Photo by Des Ingham-brown

Hail Mary & Gethwana Mahlase

This week we wanted to give our attention and recognize an important date: World AIDs Day, which took place on December 1st. Today we’ll focus on two stories that were shared at our first ever Mainstage show in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Stories in this Episode

The Power of Love

by Hail Mary

A woman confronts her fears by sharing a personal truth. 

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The Importance of the Silent Voice

by Gethwana Mahlase

A career woman takes a leap of faith. 

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