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Teacher Resources

In the last few years, hundreds of teachers, parents and students have reached out to us about resources, professional development and bringing The Moth to classrooms across the world. We’ve heard you – and now we’re so excited for what’s coming next! 

This year, we launched resources for classroom teachers, including kid-friendly story playlists and transcripts, lesson plans, advice from Moth educators and classroom teachers, and guidelines for establishing a trusting, supportive space for students (along with suggestions for silly games – these are incredibly important for our practice).

Tips and Tricks

Download our guide to doing Moth-style storytelling in your classroom or school.


We are now accepting applications for curriculum partners. Apply here. 

Please note: we're currently offering this curriculum to classroom teachers only. Thank you so much for your interest!

Teacher Guide

Our new book, All These Wonders, is a great way to introduce students to Moth stories! We have a Teacher Guide to accompany the book, which you can find here.

Stories for the Classroom

Want to share Moth stories with your students? Start with this educator recommended playlist:

Pastels and Crayons

by Aleeza Kazmi

Aleeza Kazmi tackles difficult questions when working on a self-portrait.

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Pool Party

by David Lepelstat

David Lepelstat is convinced of his superhero powers until they get him into a deadly situation.

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Wild Women and Dancing Queens

by Alexis Chin

Alexis Chin embraces the natural beauty of the wild.

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Don’t Violate My People

by Mmachi Dimoriaku

Mmachi Dimoriaku struggles with her given name.

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The Prom

by Dante Jackson

Dante Jackson comes out of his shell at his 8th grade prom.

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Mushroom Turned Bear

by Diavian Walters

Diavian Walters has a relationship with hair that is shear madness.

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Take That, Homophobia!

by Bethany Cintron

Bethany Cintron yearns to go to the Pride Parade.

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Okay To Tell

by Emely Recinos

Emily Recinos struggles with her diminishing eye-sight.

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Purple Hair

by Diamante Ortiz

Diamante Ortiz brings a vibrant change to her look and life.

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My Grandfather's Shoes

by Christian Garland

A preacher's kid steals collection plate money from his grandfather. 

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White Coats and Red Wigs

by Merlixse Ventura

A teenager has a life-changing experience during an internship at a hospital.

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The Secret Letter

by Paola Ayala

Paola is worried about her family's reaction when they find out she is gay.

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The Bad Haircut

by Alfonso Lacayo

A boy gets a bad haircut.

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First Kiss

by Eve Engel

Eve Engel hopes to get her first kiss while on a Jewish heritage trip. 

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by Wilson Portorreal

Wilson Portorreal runs into traffic to save Hershey, the family dog.

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Walking Together

by Truly Johnson

A high school student takes a risk to make a friend.

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It's Like Borrowing

by Shannon Cason

Shannon Cason comes face to face with his gambling addiction.

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Man and Beast

by Alan Rabinowitz

A severely stuttering child finds solace in speaking to animals.

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A Superhero Gets Sick

by Tim Manley

A man credits his mother and his imagination for keeping his spirits high while hospitalized.

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A View of the Earth

by Michael J. Massimino

An astronaut details his high stakes mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

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