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All These Wonders

A new collection of stories about risk, courage, and facing the unknown, drawn from the best stories ever told on The Moth stage. 

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“A wonderful new book.... stories that attest to the startling varieties and travails of human experience, and the shared threads of love, loss, fear and kindness that connect us.”
— Michiko Kakutani, New York Times —

All These Wonders features voices both familiar and new. Storytellers include Tig Notaro, John Turturro, and Meg Wolitzer, as well as a hip hop “one hit wonder,” an astronomer gazing at the surface of Pluto for the first time, and a young female spy risking everything as part of Churchill’s “secret army” during World War II. They share their ventures into uncharted territory—and how their lives were changed forever by what they found there. 

These true stories have been carefully selected and adapted to the page by our creative team, and encompass the very best of the 20,000+ stories performed in live Moth shows around the world. These tales will make a great gift for story lovers everywhere.


"Honesty matters. Vulnerability matters. Being open about who you were at a moment in time when you were in a difficult or an impossible place matters more than anything." 

- Neil Gaiman, from his introduction to All These Wonders

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