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Homepage - Amanda Stern

“Since I was a child, I've been held captive by this nameless, invisible dread”

Afraid to Look The Moth Radio Hour

Photo by Jason Falchook

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Homepage - Jimmy Tingle

“It's very difficult to win a world series when the word 'impossible' is part of your theme.”

Red Sox, Jerusalem, and Coming Home The Moth Radio Hour

Photo by Nancy Grace Horton

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Homepage - Jennifer Leahy

“It's the day of the surgery and my dad you know classically makes us arrive about an hour early cause he doesn't trust us to get there on time”

Looking The Part: Jennifer Leahy & Sivan Schondorf The Moth Podcast

Photo by Omari Spears

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New storytelling activities from The Moth’s Education program each month!

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See behind-the-scenes images and listen to storytelling interviews.

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“I love The Moth because its very origin is deeply rooted in our desire to connect with each other through shared experiences in stories.”
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