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Homepage - Betsy Lamberson Photo By Lindley Rust

“It's in 2006. I was living my dream life in Cairo, Egypt with my husband, Tom.”

After the Fall The Moth Radio Hour

Photo by Lindley Rust

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Homepage - Caridad De La Luz

“I started throwing things out with gusto, you know, like with real passion.”

Letting Go The Moth Radio Hour
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Homepage - Micaela Blei

“So in high school I did not have any boyfriends at all. Whatsoever.”

It’s Magic: Micaela Blei and Anthony Griffith The Moth Podcast
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Homepage - Storytelling School

New storytelling activities from The Moth’s Education program each month!

Storytelling School

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“Human beings continue to be inexplicably attracted to artful storytelling in every language, everywhere in the world.”
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