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Homepage - Pamela Mitchell

“In 1964, three weeks before I was born, the Civil Rights Act was passed. And my mother was glad that her daughter would never know that world.at”

Grit & Gumption The Moth Radio Hour
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Homepage - Richard Matthew

“I had never, in my life, experienced a group of people so angry at me.”

Pole Vaulting, Comedy, and the Congo The Moth Radio Hour

Photo by Jason Falchook

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Homepage - Mic Stock 9

“During WWII I found myself in France. Now the Battle of the Bulge had started in December of that year and continued through January. ”

Veterans Day: Scott Young & Tom Sitter The Moth Podcast
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New storytelling activities from The Moth’s Education program each month!

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See behind-the-scenes images and listen to storytelling interviews.

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48 Inches

by David Levy

Bunny Hop

by Pamela Mitchell

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“Human beings continue to be inexplicably attracted to artful storytelling in every language, everywhere in the world.”
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