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“A voice in my head said 'Don’t go.'”

The Universe of Impossible Things The Moth Radio Hour

Photo by Aron Klein

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Homepage - Hannah Morris

“Now I am the daughter of a geologist. And what this means is that I grew up on bedtime stories of peak oil and environmental catastrophe.”

When Time Slows Down The Moth Radio Hour
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Homepage - Mic Stock 6

“This was a time before the internet. Before we could buy anything anytime from anywhere. 1984, it was a hot and humid day in NYC and I was looking for a book.”

Some Kind of Wonderful: Jessica Ribera and Dean Rudoy The Moth Podcast
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New storytelling activities from The Moth’s Education program each month!

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See behind-the-scenes images and listen to storytelling interviews.

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“Human beings continue to be inexplicably attracted to artful storytelling in every language, everywhere in the world.”
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