Behind the Stories: The Moth Radio Hour Extras

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The Moth Podcast features favorite stories from The Moth Mainstage, StorySLAMs and MothSHOP Community program. As a subscriber to the Moth Podcast you will receive one free Moth story every week to listen to on your iPod/MP3 player or your computer. About four times a year, we podcast a popular Moth show in its entirety. We hope you enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you have an archive of past Moth performances that are available on iTunes? / Is there any way to purchase old podcasts? / I deleted a previous podcast and would like to re-download it.

A:  We do not have a full archive of our podcast stories on iTunes, but you can purchase many stories on our Best of The Moth series on iTunes or on physical CDs at our online store. Many additional stories are available for streaming on our website. You can also download our mobile app.

Q:  I would like to follow to The Moth podcast, but am having issues subscribing through iTunes.

A:  Make sure that you aren’t already subscribed to The Moth podcast. If you are already subscribed, iTunes will block you from subscribing again. If you are still having trouble, you can also manually add the podcast to iTunes by going to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast. In the new pop-up window, type in http://feeds.themoth.org/themothpodcast and click OK. If you prefer to use another podcatcher, you can use http://feeds.themoth.org/themothpodcast to subscribe as well.

Q: Why won’t The Moth podcast download onto my iPod?

A:  Podcasts do not always automatically sync to an iPod. In order to have your podcasts automatically sync to your iPod, you must adjust the settings in iTunes.

Connect the iPod and open iTunes. After connecting, you should see your iPod in the sidebar. Clicking it will bring up the iPod settings. Clicking on the Podcast tab will bring up your syncing options – you should be able to select which podcasts are automatically synced to your iPod, including The Moth. Once you have adjusted your settings, press save and then sync. The podcasts should start syncing to the iPod.

Q:  How do I listen to The Moth on an iPod Touch, iPhone, or other smart phone?

A:  You can listen to The Moth on our brand new mobile app, featuring full episodes of The Moth Radio Hour and hundreds of stories from our archives.

You can also download the Stitcher app for free from the iTunes App Store, the Blackberry App World, the Android Market, or the Palm App Catalog.  Once you’ve installed Stitcher, you can find the latest Moth podcast under Arts and Entertainment > Performance: Storytelling.  You can also add The Moth to your favorites by clicking the star!
Other questions or feedback about the podcast? Feel free to email us at podcast@themoth.org and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can.