Dads and Dragons - Lauren Thurman Mrh 1813 Extra 2

“I actually went through a couple dads first and the name wears itself out after a while.”

Dads and Dragons

by Lauren Thurman

Lauren Thurman navigates life with her many iterations of dads.

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Lauren Thurman Mrh 1813 Extra 2

Skip and Lauren, the day before she left on a six-week backpacking trip of Europe in 2015. Lauren says, "Skip asked me to watch TAKEN with him in advance of the trip. I'm not joking!"

Lauren Thurman Mrh 1813 Extra 1

The shadowbox Skip gave Lauren. Lauren says, "It includes pictures of the two of us, the frame of a racing bike he named "Nightfury" in honor of the movie that brought us together, and a crocheted Toothless dragon I made a couple Christmases ago."