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Lift Off: Stories Of Going Above And Beyond

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2020 | 7:30pm EST

 A Virtual Event to Support The Moth

 Co-Chairs: Anne Maffei and Carmen Rita Wong

Please join us for LIFT OFF: STORIES OF GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND, a one-night-only story-studded virtual event to support The Moth. Featuring stories from Moth storytellers and friends across the country and around the world, LIFT OFF will celebrate the power of The Moth’s vibrant storytelling community to expand the horizons of humanity and cultivate empathy by sharing - and listening to - true, personal stories. At LIFT OFF we will also honor our friend, and beloved Moth Storyteller, PADMA LAKSHMI

We ask that you support LIFT OFF with a donation as you are able. Our entire ecosystem has experienced devastating losses. This virtual event is a very important way to sustain The Moth’s ability to fulfill and further our mission to honor and celebrate the diversity and commonality of human experience through the art and craft of storytelling.  

The hundreds of students, educators, and adults from underrepresented communities who count on The Moth for help strengthening their storytelling and communications skills, plus the thousands of Moth storytellers who bravely share their truths on Moth stages, and millions of listeners who enjoy The Moth’s free, weekly Podcast and Radio Hour, thank you for your consideration and generosity.