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Since 1999, thousands of participants have shared true, personal stories with The Moth Community Program. We have partnered with hundreds of organizations around the world. Tens of millions of listeners have heard our stories at live shows or through broadcast on The Moth Radio Hour and podcast.

                          What participants say:

“This is a program that will teach you to develop a story, but it will also help you develop your views on the story and after finishing, you will be able to help people really feel the story with you.”
— Participant, Metropolitan Correctional Center —
“What was special about this is I'm allowed to be myself. I'm allowed to be true to myself while I'm speaking. I can just tell my story, and tell it as purely as I wanted.”
— Nsovo Mayimele, Participant, AVAC —
“It was my first time being in a room with so many people who shared similar experiences. It helped me feel less ashamed of my experience in the criminal justice system.”
— Kristi DiLallo, Participant, Osborne Association —
“The weekend journey was poignant, powerful, moving, uplifting, community building, challenging, and so much more. I felt the grace, support, guidance and expertise of the Moth team at every turn.”
— Michelle Knapik, Participant, Understood/Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation —
“What surprised me is the impact of storytelling, how strong a story can be, and how it brings life in the forefront.”
— – Teopista Nakyanzi, Participant, AVAC —
“When you grow up in certain places, people don’t want to hear what you’re saying. Your mind becomes a single track. When you get up in front of other races and nationalities and people say they like it and are giving you feedback, it turns your mind from a one-way into a two-way road. I’ll be here next time.”
— Participant, Metropolitan Correctional Center —
“It is okay to be vulnerable and address your own vulnerabilities, and storytelling with The Moth gave me the tools to do that. I'm so grateful.”
— Rasha Jarhum, Participant, Aspen New Voices Fellowship —