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Moth Wins Peabody

“Storytelling, likely the oldest art, is revered and reinvigorated by this hour for everyday raconteurs,” write the Peabody judges regarding The Moth Radio HourRead more »



The Moth can serve as a valuable partner to you and your business, providing a powerful platform for your brand. Because every company has different objectives, we offer customized packages that specifically address your needs, with opportunities including Corporate Membership, Sponsorship, Corporate Training & Special Events.

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The Moth can serve as a valuable partner to you and your business, providing a powerful platform for your brand. Because every company has different objectives, we provide a customized package to meet your needs. Benefits include extensive visibility in advertising, marketing, and communications, as well as access to The Moth’s diverse audience of supporters across the country.

For information on possible sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Inga Glowdowski
Director of Development
646 762 2618

The Moth thanks our corporate sponsor for their generous support: is proud to support the creation of great stories on The Moth Mainstage and at The Moth StorySLAMS.

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Storytelling Training

The Moth Corporate Program offers customized workshops and corporate events. Using the Seven Principles of Moth Storytelling, developed through work with over ten thousand storytellers, corporate workshops help employees use the power of storytelling to promote their business goals and ideas. They are customized to suit specific needs including team building, presentation skills, perfecting the pitch, advancing new concepts, project identity and brand story.

Our custom storytelling events are a unique way to highlight the voices and mission of an organization. The Moth works with each partner to choose a theme and every storyteller – whether a Moth Mainstage alumnus or someone from the organization’s own fold – works one-on-one with a Moth director to create an evening of well-crafted, true stories.

Past clients include Fortune 500 companies across major industries such as investment management, pharmaceuticals, insurance, consumer goods, marketing, PR and non-profit organizations.

“Tony Osborn, a supervisor at MSL, says that it’s the authenticity that really makes the difference in the age of social media. ‘It takes something simple, like a purchase you make as a customer, into a meaningful experience,’ he says.

Fortune Magazine

” ‘The Moth gave [Interface] a common vernacular of how powerful a story could be when told the right way,’ says Gerson. “Ever since then, we’ve been talking about telling the story, telling the story, telling the story.”

Inc. Magazine

” ‘They are the best at teaching people how to tell better stories,’ says Chief Marketing Officer Kevin George. And with just a few seconds or minutes to convey messages about brands including Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark, Beam’s stories need to be sharp.”

Wall Street Journal

“In a world of death by PowerPoint, the breakthrough presenters are the ones who don’t rely on words on a screen but rather engage the hearts and minds of the audience through story. During the course of a very fun, interactive day, our presenters blossomed as they immersed themselves in the proven structure The Moth instructors taught. Stories went from a few sentences cautiously delivered to developed, enticing, well-structured platforms, delivered confidently, that drew the audience in, setting up the business and technical presentations more effectively than ever before.”

–Britta Glade
Senior Content Manager
RSA Conference

Moth Corporate Training starts at $12,000.

For more information, please contact:
Kate Tellers
Senior Producer, Corporate Programs

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What You Support

When you donate to The Moth you support all of our programs:

The Moth Mainstage, our flagship program, features inspiring stories from a wide range of unique voices, including emerging artists, scientists, tastemakers and everyday citizens.

The Moth StorySLAMs, are open-mic storytelling competitions celebrating the universal appeal of stories from people of all stripes.StorySLAM events regularly take place in Ann Arbor, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Louisville, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York City, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle.

The MothSHOP Community Education Program, conducts storytelling workshops with high school students and adults in underserved communities, using storytelling as a tool for creative self-empowerment and the development of transferable skills.

The Moth High School StorySLAMs, which brings the thrill of competitive storytelling to high schools across the country.

The Moth Podcast, features a story from The Moth’s 14-year archive each week, free of charge. Since its launch in 2008,The Moth podcast is consistently ranked in the top ten most popular podcasts on iTunes, and is currently downloaded over 1.3 million times a month.

The Moth Radio Hour, features favorite stories and highlights from The Moth’s live events, as well as behind-the-scenes commentary and interviews with notable storytellers. The Moth Radio Hour premiered in August 2009, and airs weekly on more than 200 public radio stations across the country.

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