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A woman is a willing participant in her brother's games.

Fathia Absie

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A Somali immigrant struggles to keep her troubled sister in the country.

Kirby Adams

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A 9-year-old Olympic hopeful starts an unauthorized exercise regimen.

Peter Aguero

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A husband describes his wife’s lifelong battle with epilepsy.

A young man recalls how his job as an Italian ice truck driver turned ugly.

A mom gets everything she wants for Christmas.

Laura Albert

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Laura Albert, better known as J.T. LeRoy, details her side of what became a major literary scandal.

Jenny Allen

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A mother decides to monitor her teenager’s internet use.

A woman decides whether she's a wig person or a scarf person while undergoing chemotherapy.

Deborah Allen-Carr

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A student learns what she won't give up for a friend.

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