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Adam Wade is an awkward teen who spends every weekend with his adoring grandma and her sister.

Eve Engel hopes to get her first kiss while on a Jewish heritage trip.

Paola Ayala is worried about her family's reaction when they find out she is gay.

Erin Barker tries to find her new role in the family after her dad gets married.

Morgan Laketa is alone on a barefoot nature walk when she happens upon a buck.

Steve Zimmer investigates the disappearance of a pencil case with nerdy, teenage vigor.

Alan Gordon is a public defender who has always longed for an Encyclopedia Brown moment.

Jen Lee has her kids attend Bible school while visiting her religious parents.

Karen Duffin is a speech writer for a powerful CEO when she oversleeps.

Alvin Lau details what he'd like his last meal to be if he doesn't survive his cancer.

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