Behind the Stories: The Moth Radio Hour Extras

Take a gander at the special behind-the-stories extras which you may have heard mentioned on the latest season of The Moth Radio HourRead more »



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Praise for The Moth

“New York’s hottest and hippest literary ticket.”
The Wall Street Journal

The performances are enthralling, funny and moving.”
The Times of London

“The most memorable and hilarious narratives… and exuberant moveable feast.”
The Village Voice

“Quirky, passionate […] brilliant, and quietly addictive.”
The London Guardian

‘”Notorious for [its] rogue energy and droll unpredictability.”
Time Out New York

“Even in this frantic, wired age, we still crave the comforts of a heartfelt narrative.”
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“[The stories] range from touching to just plain hilarious.”
GQ Australia


Praise for The Moth: 50 True Stories (Hyperion)

“The stories not only maintain their oral integrity but take on new dimensions, allowing you to ponder a turn of events or swirl the language around in your head without missing the next part of the story.”
The New York Times Magazine

“It felt as if they had channeled these stories to me.”
The Chicago Tribune (Editor’s Pick)

“Burns, artistic director of the award-winning The Moth Radio Hour, frees stories whetted for a live audience onto the page, proving the richness of great storytelling: that one can gain as much as a member of an audience communally cringing, laughing and weeping, as a reader privately surrendering to the complicity of human experience.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“There are tales of saving lives, cheating death, losing at love, and winning at poker – proving that there’s nothing funnier, more surprising, or moving than other people’s true-life stories.”

“A remarkable range of tales, from the wholly personal to acts that draw on bigger events … What it shows is that everybody has a story worth telling. Long may The Moth continue.”
Financial Times


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