Behind the Stories: The Moth Radio Hour’s 4th Season Extras

June 1, 2011
by The Moth,

The fourth and most recent season of The Moth Radio Hour is now playing on public radio stations across the country. In this season, Al Sharpton must put his convictions to the test when the man who stabbed him goes on trial; double amputee Aimee Mullins, “the fastest woman in the world,” describes her unique, magical relationship with her artificial legs; and Steve Burns, host of the hit kid’s show, Blue’s Clues, talks about the challenge of having 10 million fans, most under the age of seven.

Fans of the show can stream it on PRX’s website (requires registering for a free account) or by searching for their local public radio station’s broadcasting time. If your station is not currently carrying the program, consider contacting them and requesting that they air the show. For those of you who have already heard this season of The Moth Radio Hour, please enjoy the special behind-the-stories extras below which you may have heard mentioned on the show.

Episode Extras

Ophira Eisenberg recalls learning the meaning of love after surviving a terrible car accident. The Moth’s Senior Producer Jenifer Hixson had the chance to talk to Ophira about her story and the profound healing effect it has had on her life.

A young Carlos Kotkin and and his father succumb to guilt at the animal shelter.  Here’s a photo of Carlos and his family’s dog, Coco, but Carlos wants to make sure that readers aren’t fooled by the photo. Carlos writes:

“It’s a bit deceptive. First of all, I am holding her. I’m not sure why I have Coco in my arms. I had no interest in holding Coco and she had no interest in being held. My smile is completely insincere. This must have been taken after she was given a bath because her coat didn’t normally look that clean – it was usually more nappy. She was rattier than this picture suggests. If you put a caption to this, please put something like: Coco, on a good day. I’m sorry she wasn’t looking into the camera because her face was what really did her in, especially her teeth.”

Coco, on a good day.

The Moth Radio Hour also features a story by Sirdeaner Walker, the mother of a bullied teen who commits suicide. Since his death, Sirdeaner has been an advocate for both the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network as well as a proponent for the Safe Schools Improvement Act. Please visit their websites for more information about these important causes.

Ex-NYC Mayor Ed Koch stands up to his anti-semitic platoon leader while in training for WWII.

Former New York City mayor Ed Koch greets students from the MothSHOP Community Program.




























Edgar Oliver‘s spectacularly eccentric mother and Savannah, GA work in tandem to create a true bohemian. The Moth’s Artistic Director, Catherine Burns, interviews Edgar about his voice, his creative process, and his childhood home.














Helen, Edgar and Mother pose for pictures in a photobooth.



Helen, Mother & Edgar in a cafe in Paris.

The Moth’s founder George Dawes Green details the fireworks when his mother learns her family plantation is slated to be turned into a theme park.

George Dawes Green’s ancestral home.


George Dawes Green’s ancestors in front of their home.

The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth’s Artistic Director, Catherine Burns, and Jay Allison at Atlantic Public Media, and presented by PRX, the Public Radio Exchange.