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Peter Aguero

Peter Aguero was born and raised in the wilds of South Jersey and lives in Queens, NY with his lovely wife. He’s a Moth StorySLAM host, GrandSLAM champion, and instructor for the MothSHOP Community Education Program. He’s also the lead singer of The BTK Band, NYC’s hardest-drinking improvised storytelling rock band. Peter loves his Mom.

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Photo by James Michael Rotz

Peter Aguero

Me and Mama vs. Christmas

Oct 22, 2012

A mom gets everything she wants for Christmas.

Peter Aguero

The Entertainer

Nov 8, 2012

A young man recalls how his job as an Italian ice truck driver turned ugly.

Peter Aguero

Me & Her & It

Apr 8, 2013

A husband describes his wife’s lifelong battle with epilepsy.