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Edgar Oliver

Edgar Oliver is a renowned poet, playwright and performer based in New York City. His latest show, Helen and Edgar, is based on stories he told at The Moth.

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Photo by Sarah Stacke

Edgar Oliver

Savannah Revisited

Oct 23, 2012

A playwright and his sister take a trip home to bury their mother.

Edgar Oliver

Courting Paul Bowles in Tangier

Feb 25, 2014

Three literary pilgrims search for a beloved author.

Edgar Oliver

The Lost Bookbag

Sep 30, 2014

A young cadet is entrusted with vital records at a military academy.

Edgar Oliver

The Apron Strings of Savannah

Dec 23, 2014

The genesis story of a true bohemian: two children, one spectacularly eccentric mother and Savannah, Georgia.