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Ed Gavagan

Ed Gavagan owns a design/build firm in Manhattan. He’s built homes and furniture for fancy people and humble folk on four continents, including The Moth headquarters in NYC. He’s shared his stories with live audiences across world, on the Moth Radio Hour, A&E Biography channel, and given a TED talk.

Ed Gavagan

Golf Clubbing

May 20, 2014

The screwball tale of the child of a tough drill sergeant who is injured on a Texas military base in the early 1970s.

Ed Gavagan

Drowning on Sullivan Street

Jun 24, 2014

A furniture designer finds reason to stay in New York City after a chance encounter in the West Village.



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Ed Gavagan

Victims Impact

May 5, 2015

Having survived a random, brutal and almost deadly gang attack in NYC, Ed decides he’ll head back home to Wyoming to recuperate.

Ed Gavagan

Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me

Sep 29, 2015

A violent encounter causes a man's life to spiral out of control.