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A.E. Hotchner

The Day I Became A Matador

Added: Mar 5, 2013

Recorded: Mar 16, 2012

A man's relationship with a famous writer takes an unexpected twist.


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Photo by Sarah Stacke

Extras from this story:

Hotch lets Ernest Hemingway talk him into dressing like a Matador to face a bull in Spain.

Hear the rest of this story in this interview with Artistic Director Catherine Burns.

Behind The Stories: A.E. Hotchner on The Moth by mothstories

You can read Ernest Hemingway’s side of the story in The Dangerous Summer.

All photos by Larry Barrows, LIFE magazine.

 A.E. Hotchner gets advice from his “manager”, Ernest Hemingway, before the bullfight.

The subjects of The Dangerous Summer, from left to right – Ernest Hemingway, Luis Miguel Dominguín, A.E. Hotchner and Antonio Ordóñez.