Extras For This Week’s Episode of The Moth Radio Hour

May 14, 2013
by The Moth,

Bible Salesmen, Ghosts, and Strippers

This week on The Moth Radio Hour, a young woman in Southern California describes her unconventional upbringing with a very free-spirited mother; a door-to-door bible salesman, circa 1953, shares sales tactics; an actor from the golden age of Hollywood reaches out from beyond the grave; and a little boy gets through a hospital stay by pretending he’s a superhero.

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April Salazar

A teenager learns the truth about her mother’s secret nighttime gig.

April and her family – fully clothed. 

April’s high school class. Photos courtesy April Salazar.


Vincent Patrick

A man must adhere to a strict script as a reluctant door-to-door bible salesman.

Vince and Carol Patrick. Photo courtesy Vincent Patrick.


Craig Chester

An artist reluctantly acknowledges that he is haunted.

Craig in Montgomery Clift’s New York City apartment. Photo courtesy Craig Chester.

Tim Manley

A man credits his mother and his imagination for keeping his spirits high while hospitalized.

A picture of Tim in his superhero outfit, hanging in his mother’s house. Photo courtesy Tim Manley.


The music featured in this episode…

The Drift – Uncanny Valley - Find it on iTunes/Amazon/Spotify

M. Levy/B. Grundy - Lament 

Stan Getz - What’s New Find it on iTunes/Amazon/Spotify

John Zorn - Of Wonder and Certainty (for Lou Reed) - Find it on iTunes/Amazon

John Williams - The Planet Krypton Find it on iTunes/Amazon/Spotify


Next week on The Moth Radio Hour…

A young woman meets her brother for the first time at their father’s funeral, a professional blackjack player faces down his gambling demons, and Colin Quinn (Weekend Update, SNL) is hired to do comedy for Robert DeNiro’s birthday party…and bombs. Tune in to find out what happens!