Extras for The Moth Radio Hour Episode 1303

January 15, 2013
by The Moth,

Photo by Liz McKinder

This week on The Moth Radio Hour, a woman makes an alarming discovery about what lies beneath the large parcel of land she just purchased, an eight-year-old immigrant learns English to win a girl’s heart, a Russian grandmother takes revenge when her grandson is bullied, and a journalist raised by his grandmother contends with her Alzheimer’s disease. Hosted by The Moth’s producing director, Sarah Austin Jenness.

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Ivan Kuraev

Ivan’s doting Russian grandmother gets revenge on his boyhood enemies.

Ivan and his Russian grandparents. Photo courtesy of Ivan Kuraev.


Charles Pugh

Charles’ grandmother is the most loving and supportive person in his life until she gets Alzheimer’s disease.

Charles and his grandmother in happier times. Photos courtesy Charles Pugh.


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When a beloved patient’s cancer returns, a psychologist confesses that she is at a loss for words; an inmate at a women’s prison describes the surprising value of an ordinary transistor radio; and an undertaker deals with a problematic client. Tune in to your local public radio station to find out what happens!