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Family Photos, Grandmothers, Legos & Revenge

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A family reunites around a hospital bed; a grandmother shares wisdom (and a beer) with her grandson; a third-grade teacher underestimates the power of Legos; and a bullied teen plots revenge.

Photo by Christian Weber.

Estranged for 20 years, a man's family is brought together by his sister's last wishes.


A teacher faces an ethical dilemma.


A grandmother shares wisdom (and a beer) with her grandson.


A man remembers his 7th grade self and realizes it's a slippery slope from victim to victimizer.


Extras from this episode:

James Braly

James and his family in the “one last family photo.” Photo courtesy James Braly.


Micaela Blei

One of the Lego creations in Micaela’s class.

Another Lego project – with the valuable jewel pieces. Photos courtesy Micaela Blei.


Aaron Wolfe

Aaron, age 12, and Grandma Ruthie during a family trip to Quebec. Photo courtesy Aaron Wolfe.


Music Featured in this Episode

The Drift – Uncanny Valley - Find it on iTunes/Amazon/Spotify

Orlando “Cachaito” Lopez – Redencion - Find it on iTunes/Amazon

Brad Mehldau – Secret Love - Find it on iTunes/Amazon

Don Shirley – One for My Baby - Find it on iTunes/Amazon/Spotify

Manuel Galban + Ry Cooder – Secret Love - Find it on iTunes/Spotify