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The Moth StorySLAMs are open-mic storytelling competitions, which are held weekly in New York City, three times a month in Los Angeles, twice a month in Chicago, Michigan, Boston, Portland, and San Francisco, and monthly in Louisville, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Seattle, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New Orleans, Houston, and Philadelphia. They are open to anyone with a five-minute story to share on the night’s theme.

When the doors open, storyteller hopefuls put their names in The Moth “hat”. A half hour later, names are picked, and one by one, storytellers take the stage. The ten featured stories are scored by teams of judges selected from the audience. Each StorySLAM generates a StorySLAM winner. After ten SLAMs, the winners face off in our GrandSLAM Championships.

Come sign up to tell a story, or just enjoy the show!

How to Tell a Story at The Moth StorySLAM:

  • Consult our calendar to find our published theme.
  • Conjure, channel, craft and compose your story.
  • Practice so you can remember it without the benefits of paper. Then practice it so you can keep it down to five minutes. Tell it to your plants but know that they are a tough audience. Revise. Rework. Curse your plants for not believing in you! Revamp. Finesse. Shave off another two minutes. Try again. Voila! Forgive your plants. Indeed, they helped you see the light.
  • Come to the Moth StorySLAM and put your name in the hat. If you are one of the lucky 10 picked, you’ll have five minutes to woo the audience with tales of your on-theme escapades. Unpicked? Fear not, some variation of your theme will surely rise again. All stories have multiple themes and stretching them to fit can be fun and even bring out elements you hadn’t recognized before.
  • Contestants are judged on sticking to the five-minute time frame, sticking to the theme and having a story that has a conflict and a resolution.

How to Be a StorySLAM Judge:

  • Let it be known! Seek out Moth Staff and ply with flattery and gifts, or just hang by the hat and ask!
  • Once picked, be wise and heed the rules. Judge on the simple criteria: on time, on topic, a story (not stand-up comedy, an essay, or a rant) and true.

How to Get a Copy of Your Story:

  • Tell your amazing story at a StorySLAM near you.
  • After the SLAM, fill out the form here and we’ll send a video copy your way!
  • Videos have a $25 processing fee and will take about 6 weeks to get to you (if it’s going to take longer, we’ll be in touch).
  • And to answer all your burning questions:

* We can only send over a copy of YOUR story, not anyone else’s.
* No, ordering it does not disqualify it from The Moth Radio Hour or The Moth Podcast.
* Once you get your copy, share it with your friends and family, upload it to Facebook or YouTube or your website, post it far and wide! But if you’d like to do something further with it (use it in a film, sell copies, etc.), please contact us beforehand.