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Community & Education Programs

The Moth Community & Education Programs work to foster development, community and creative expression through the art and craft of storytelling. We provide workshops and authentic performance opportunities to high school students and marginalized adults throughout New York City and in select cities nationwide.

The Moth Community Program

The Moth Community Program brings workshops and performance opportunities to diverse adult organizations throughout New York City. Workshops are conducted by experienced Moth instructors, assisted by teams of trained volunteer story coaches. Throughout the workshops, participants learn to shape selected life experiences into well-crafted stories, which are then presented to peers and members of the local community. Many Community Program graduates continue in the program as volunteer story coaches for future workshops, and have the opportunity to share their stories at Moth events throughout the year.

If you’re interested in bringing The Moth Community Program to your organization, or in participating as a volunteer, please email community@themoth.org.


The Moth Education Program