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Community & Education Programs

The Moth Community & Education Programs work to foster development, community and creative expression through the art and craft of storytelling. We provide workshops and authentic performance opportunities to high school students and marginalized adults throughout New York City and in select cities nationwide.

The Moth Community Program

The Moth Community Program brings workshops and performance opportunities to diverse adult organizations throughout New York City. Workshops are conducted by experienced Moth instructors, assisted by teams of trained volunteer story coaches. Throughout the workshops, participants learn to shape selected life experiences into well-crafted stories, which are then presented to peers and members of the local community. Many Community Program graduates continue in the program as volunteer story coaches for future workshops, and have the opportunity to share their stories at Moth events throughout the year.

If you’re interested in bringing The Moth Community Program to your organization, or would like to apply for a volunteer story coach position, please email community@themoth.org.

The Moth Education Program

The Moth Education Program offers in-class and after-school workshops and performance opportunities to high school students, as well as Professional Development opportunities for teachers of all grades.

The High School StorySLAM

The StorySLAM is The Moth’s elective after-school performance program. Students sign up to join their school’s StorySLAM team and meet during after school hours with Moth teaching artists and faculty advisors to work on their stories over the course of five sessions. During that time, they learn to craft compelling and organized narratives, practice performance techniques, and connect as a team. The working sessions culminate in a StorySLAM event, where students share their stories on stage in front of their peers. The StorySLAM sessions offer a safe space in which students can work on their stories and the event attracts a supportive and enthusiastic audience. StorySLAMs also promote a school culture of honesty, empathy, and authentic voice. Selected students go on to compete in the city-wide GrandSLAM, bringing together students from diverse schools and backgrounds. The highest quality stories from the program are then featured on the Moth Podcast and The Moth Radio Hour, elevating these young voices beyond their individual communities and onto a widespread national platform.

In-Class Residencies

The In-Class Workshop functions as a long-term residency in high school classrooms. Participants learn to shape life experiences into well-crafted stories, which are then presented to peers and members of the local community. In the process, students develop and enhance communication skills vital to success in school and beyond. Many workshop graduates have the opportunity to share their stories at Moth events throughout the year.

Teacher Stories Program

The Moth Teacher Stories Program provides professional development for teachers of all grades, through storytelling workshops and performance opportunities within school communities and for the public. In engaging master class presentations and fully interactive storytelling workshops, teachers learn the tools of storytelling for several purposes, whether to provide skills to reflect on teaching practice or increase engagement with students. Teacher Stories workshops can be as brief as a 90-minute faculty meeting presentation, and as extensive as a multi-day, fully interactive professional development program.

Our programs are currently based in New York City, but we are growing slowly! If you would like to find out about The Moth for your school or district, please email education@themoth.org.

To apply for a paid position in either the community or education program, please download the application and send to teach@themoth.org along with a current résumé, indicating which program you’re applying for.